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The object of FEET is the advancement of the Christian Religion in Europe through the promotion and encouragement of the study of Evangelical Christian Theology in a spirit of loyalty to the Bible with a view to serving the renewal of theological thinking, strengthening the work of the Churches, and promoting the task of theological research and education in Europe.

FEET is a Scottish Registered Charity no. SC022952.

FEET Conference: 1922-2022 Der Römerbrief: Evangelicals revisiting Barth in the 2020s - 2022

The topic of the conference will be A digital conference offered by the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians 4 and 5 November 2022.

European Journal of Theology

The European Journal of Theology (EJT) is published by Amsterdam University Press, https://www.aup-online.com/content/subjects/religion

To subscribe to receive EJT, please contact them at subscriptions@aup.nl. There are discounts on the stated prices for people outside Western Europe.

To submit an article, please contact the editorial board at editor@feet-europe.org.

For book reviews, it is Dr Hans Burger at jmburger@tukampen.nl.