Paper presentations - FEET Conference in Prague, (26-30 August, 2022).

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As a part of the FEET Conference in Prague there will be various papers presented and discussed in theological discipline groups.:

Dr Derek Bass: “Is Moses a Murderer Deserving Judgment or a Just Redeemer Foreshadowing YHWH and Jesus?: A Discourse and Literary-Theological Approach to an Old Question.”

Dr Tamas Czovek: “Acts 27 - A comparison between the apostle Paul and the prophet Jonah”

Prof. Dr Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen: “Eschatolgocial Hope Gone Awry — An Odd Bed Fellowship of Islamic and Christian Neo-Apocalypticism”

Dr Robert K. MacEwen; “Reconstructed Mark and the Synoptic Problem”

Dr Daryl McCarthy: “Living With Hope in a Hopeless World–Learning from C. S. Lewis”

Prof. Dr Ron Michener: “Moving from “Why?” to Hope in illness: Practicing Resurrection Gospel“

David Millard: “From Darkness To Light”

Dr Patrick Mitchel: Future Hope in Dark Times: the recovery of eschatologmy in recent scholarship and implications for Christian life and witness

Dr Ken Moser: “The “Longevity Crisis” in Youth Ministry. How Can the Church in Europe Learn from What is Happening in North America and Move Toward Long-term Youth Interaction in the Church?”

Dr. David Sandifer: “’The Bebbington Quadrilateral Revisited: Locating and Prioritizing “Conversionism” in Evangelical Identity’“

Dr Mario Tafferner: “Hope in the Book of Kings”