European Journal of Theology Issue 33.1 (April 2024)

April 25, 2024 journal share this article:

This issue of the European Journal of Theology opens with a contribution by Wolfgang Köhler, who shows how the theme of hardening the people’s hearts is important in the various parts of the Book of Isaiah. Tracing how the theme develops, Kohler uncovers a cycle of sin – hardening – judgement – repentance. Jacob Thiessen suggests that there is a connection between Paul’s Letter to the Romans and his speech in Miletus as recorded in Acts 20. In these contemporaneous texts Paul sets out ‘the whole counsel of God’. Thiessen also brings Isaiah into play when it comes to Paul’s sense of call.

Christoph Stenschke takes a closer look at death and dying in the Book of Acts. Not only the Lord Jesus died and rose again; many others die as well, whereas others again are saved from death. Stenschke also brings out the relevance of the topic. Arjan Markus and Benno van den Toren propose a narrative rather than argumentative form of apologetics, for which C.S. Lewis serves as the model. Their reason for this is that modern people no longer see the relevance of Christianity.

In the editorial Stephen Dray calls on evangelical theologians to stay close to the values of the Church of the ages, not least because the Church Fathers already struggled with many of the same issues that we face. As usual the issue concludes with some book reviews, prepared under the responsibility of review editor Professor Hans Burger.

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Dr. Pieter Lalleman
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland