European Journal of Theology Issue 32.1 (April 2023)

May 27, 2023 journal share this article:

This issue of the European Journal of Theology contains two of the papers from the 2022 conference of the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians in Prague: Christian Stettler investigates biblical texts that speak of the resurrection of the body and the end-time resurrection. He continues with the earliest understanding of Jesus’ bodily resurrection and some practical implications for the Christian hope today. Yannick Imbert presents the results of surveys regarding the values of West-Europeans concerning the meaning of life, identity and belonging, and how the Church might respond in apologetics and evangelism.

Simeon Ottosen compares and contrasts two evangelical approaches to morally challenging passages in the Old Testament, those of Gregory A. Boyd and Paul Copan. His own take, however, is that the offensiveness of the Old Testament must be retained. Paul Moser builds on the apostle Paul and P.T. Forsyth to develop a teleological approach to theodicy. The article considers that a God worthy of worship can yet give meaning to suffering and evil.

David Kramer argues that we can expect the presence of a diversity of languages in the new creation and considers that this encourages a positive attitude towards speakers of other languages. Finally Eric Peels introduces a recent handbook on Jeremiah and modern research of the prophet’s book. The issue does of course conclude with the usual book reviews.

Dr. Pieter Lalleman
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland