European Journal of Theology Issue 31.2 (October 2022)

October 17, 2022 news share this article:

This issue of the European Journal of Theology opens with a substantial and important editorial by Christoph Stenschke. This is followed by a narrative exegesis of the story of Jacob in Genesis by Barbara Dörpinghaus, who focuses on two key passages, Genesis 28:10–22 and 35:1–15. She appraises the narrative role of Jacob in this light. Rejecting previous interpretations, Iain McGee sheds light on an obscure concept used by John Calvin, viz. the sensus divinitatis, with the help of the concept of semen religionis. Joshua Searle shows that he is impressed by the re-published German Baptist confession of faith which is called ‘Rechenschaft vom Glauben’ and he shares his enthusiasm with the readers. He particularly praises the centrality of God’s reign in the confession. Finally, Laura Dijkhuizen analyses the processes through which women gained positions of leadership (or not) in Dutch Evangelical churches. She suggests that the presbyterian model enables easier and more strategic decisions than the congregationalist model. As usual the issue concludes with the book reviews, prepared under the responsibility of review author Hans Burger. Published by Amsterdam University Press (AUP), the European Journal of Theology is still receiving praise for its fresh new look. AUP is offering the Journal at a reduced price to subscribers in many countries. Note that the advertised rate only applies to subscribers in Western and Northern Europa, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada; the reduced rate applies in the rest of the world!

Dr. Pieter Lalleman
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland