European Journal of Theology Issue 31.1 (April 2022)

June 08, 2022 journal share this article:

In this issue of the European Journal of Theology you will find an article on a current issue in Norway by a Norwegian and an article on an Italian from the past by an Italian. Robert Lilleaasen provides background to the recent Norwegian law on religious communities and the public discourse which followed it. He shows how this law gave rise to different effects in local politics, and then reflects on issues of religious freedom and the tension between various ideas of freedom. This article is highly relevant for many other European countries!

Leonardo De Chirico introduces cardinal Bellarmino, the famous theologian of the Counter-Reformation, and explains that the differences between Bellarmino and Reformed theology are about much more than the nature of the Church and in fact touch on all of theology.

David Firth shows how readers of Joshua are sent back to Deuteronomy in order to properly understand Joshua. Jean-Georges Gantenbein proposes innovative models of contextualisation for the gospel in secular Europe, models which meet people’s aesthetic and ethical needs, and their desire for truth. Üllas Tankler argues that partnership in mission is not a matter of efficiency so much as a matter of theology. He shows how Christians from different contexts can use their gifts and insights to achieve true mutuality in mission.

The editorial is not to be overlooked: Christoph Stenschke reflects on the state of the Church in Europe and the urgent need for shepherds/pastors who regather the scattered flock, but also reach out to the strayed and the lost.

As usual the issue concludes with the book reviews, prepared under the responsibility of review author Hans Burger. Now published by Amsterdam University Press (AUP), the European Journal of Theology still has a fresh look which has received many positive appraisals. AUP is offering the Journal at a reduced price to subscribers in many countries. Do note that the advertised rate only applies to subscribers in Western and Northern Europa, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada; the reduced rate applies in the rest of the world!

Dr. Pieter Lalleman
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland