European Journal of Theology Issue 30.1 (April 2021)

March 31, 2021 journal share this article:

Uniquely, this issue of the European Journal of Theology contains not one but two editorials. The first is a response to the pandemic which is holding Europe in its grip: what does this mean for the church?, asks Johannes Reimer. Our second editorial is timely in a different way, as Pavel Černý commemorates the centenary of the great evangelical leader and theologian John Stott by means of a brief biography. (Do look out for details of the John Stott memorial conference on Monday 19 April 2021, which is being organised by the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians.)

In the first article Carsten Ziegert revisits the legacy of James Barr for biblical semantics, asking what happened afterwards, with special attention to the Hebrew Bible. Pieter Lalleman argues that the Septuagint deserves more positive attention than it normally receives, while Jens Dörpinghaus makes sense of the movements of Jesus and the disciples after Easter as variously described by the Gospels and Acts. Meiken Buchholz reflects on migration and argues that the Book of Acts provides a hermeneutics for contemporary experiences of displacement and cultural diversity. Ian Randall describes how the East African Revival affected Switzerland and introduces the key persons in this story. Bernhard Reitsma asks of the Muslim criticism of the apostle Paul’s missionary policies – described in 1 Corinthians 9 – is justified, bringing the Insider Movements into the discussion. Finally, Aaron Edwards offers another contribution to our response to the pandemic: is theology a proper subject to study at this very moment? The answer largely comes from C.S. Lewis!

Once again the issue concludes with the book reviews, prepared under the responsibility of review author Hans Burger. The issue has a record number of pages.

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