Welcome to Prague 2020!

March 04, 2019 news conference: 2020 - Prague (online) share this article:

The Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians (FEET) aims to advance the Christian Religion in Europe through the study of Evangelical Theology in a spirit of loyalty to the Bible. Our next conference is being planned for 28-31 August 2020 in Prague on the theme “Discerning the Work of the Holy Spirit in and through the Church”.

Five main papers are being commissioned:

  • Biblical perspective
  • The Church’s testimony on the work of the Holy Spirit (models of renewal)
  • The transforming work of the Spirit in the worship of the Church
  • The transforming work of the Spirit in the personal life (including those in Christian ministry)
  • The work of the Holy Spirit through the witness of the Church in the public sphere

Workshops planned are:

  • Revivals in Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century
  • The ethical role of the Holy Spirit in the area of business
  • The gift of prophecy in the Church today
  • Current theological dialogues on the Holy Spirit
  • Evangelical and Pentecostal movements in Europe
  • Burn-out and spiritual renewal in Christian ministry

There will be plenary Bible studies on Isaiah 61, John 14-17 and Acts 2.

The conference will be a day shorter than previous conferences. Please reserve the dates in your diary.